Our consent workshops are interactive and discussion-based gatherings that encourage respectful participation, reflection and creative thinking regarding consent, communication, relationships and community. We adapt our activities, prompts and discussions to work for any age, group, setting or experience level as well as create focused workshops that explore one particular aspect or application of consent. All identities and experiences are always welcome, as we strive to make our workshop space as inclusive as possible.  



At community events we hand out educational materials like our consent toolbox zines, infographics and personal boundaries worksheets, and fun stuff like free condoms, candy and stickers! Tabling in this way allows us to talk to folks more individually about consent, healthy communication and what we do as an organization. Tabling also gives us an opportunity to speak directly with our community to learn more about how we can cater our workshops to meet specific needs.



Community Collaboration Nights aim to bring like-minded folks together to create a collaborative, productive space in which consent-related ideas can come to life! Participants are able to share ideas and resources, network and join forces to develop projects of their own making in alignment with RSEP's fundamental goals. These events are less structured as they are largely participant-led and allow individuals to decide what they want to work on and with whom. We provide materials, space and guidance, but the creativity, motivation and ingenuity is all yours!

We also offer...


"Very safe and open environment where vulnerability and sharing were rewarded... Great activities softened toughness of material."

"To see such an assimilation among diverse people was inspiring...Personally found this comfortable, uplifting and empowering!"

"Thank you because though in regards to gender in this space I was a minority, I felt so heard and welcomed as I am."