In simple terms, our goal as the Richmond Sex Ed Project is to increase joy and reduce harm.


We hope to do this through educational, interactive workshops that help folks develop their empathetic communication skills, personal boundary awareness and community strength to ultimately eliminate all types of non-consensual interactions.  


We believe that open, honest communication leads to a higher respect for ourselves and others, leading to more positive outcomes like pleasure, safety and autonomy, and a reduction in negative, potentially traumatic experiences.


We intend to nurture self-love and mutual respect by providing space, tools and resources for folks to work through issues with consent, reflect on personal experiences and develop their ability to determine and express their own boundaries.


We commit to always strive for inclusivity. We aim to foster safer spaces and do our very best to respond appropriately in order to keep racism, sexism, transphobia, homophobia, xenophobia, ableism, etc. from infringing on anyone’s safety and comfort in our spaces.


Lastly, we believe that consent is the cornerstone of any type of positive relationship and hope to promote through our work more consensual, autonomous communities.