Richmond Sex Ed Project is a Richmond, Virginia-based organization that fosters consensual relationships through interactive consent workshops and sex education. Our approach focuses on the development of empathetic communication skills, personal boundary awareness and community building to strengthen individuals' capabilities to increase consensual interactions and reduce harm within all varieties of relationships. 

RSEP was started in 2016 by Daire and Isabel- just two consent-loving community educators- wanting to create a comfortable space to openly discuss consent in a meaningful way. What is consent? What does it look like in real-life contexts? How do we safely navigate the gray areas? How can we increase consent within relationships? These were the guiding questions that helped us formulate the content, techniques and format that we use for our workshops and events. We did some research. We had discussions, tapped into our shared knowledge and reflected on personal experiences. Then, we wrote out a script, chose a handful of activity prompts 

and set a date for our first workshop at VALET Gallery, a local cooperatively-run art space. 

That event inspired us to keep going. We developed materials and our facilitation skills, and hosted more workshops in the community and at local universities like VCU, VUU and the University of Richmond. At every workshop, the group of participants brought new ideas, experiences and insight to the conversation that kept our fire burning. That’s what we loved about these gatherings! As time went on, the Richmond Sex Ed Project was able to expand our potential through new activities and workshop styles, as well as work with a wider range of community hubs and organizations like GirlsRock! RVA, Vitality Float Spa and Planned Parenthood. 

In 2018, Kat, Luna and Revel joined the RSEP team, bringing fresh perspectives and complementary skill-sets to the table. Adding these three bright and compassionate folks has allowed RSEP to increase our capacity to connect with more people.


At present, RSEP is evolving and readjusting amidst the COVID-19 pandemic and seeking to find new and creative ways to continue to work with the community.

Send us a message or e-mail, we'd love to hear from you!